Sankofa Research Group

The Sankofa Research Group “Racism, Social Policy and Transgressions in African Diaspora“, emerged from the professor’s research work of professor Dr. Gracyelle Costa (ESS/UFRJ) and brings together people from different areas interested in the subject.

 ​Our objective is to investigate the relationship between eugenics, racism, and social policy in the 20th and 21st centuries. At the same time let us identify the resistance, and transgressions collectively built by black communities in the Diaspora in the past, present, and future.

 To this end, GPSankofa carries out teaching, research, and community activities, involving people interested in the subject. ​

Core elements

Research subjects:

  1. Eugenics and racism: State, work, social policy and professional practice
  2. Social Movements and State: Affirmative Actions and Social Policy 
  3. Teaching transgress: critical training, technologies, and pedagogical strategies 

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